Buckley Air Force Base:

RTA developed and designed the Space Operations Center for the Space Command SBIRS program at Buckley Air Force Base in eastern Denver.  This project involved state-of-the-art integration of architecture and electronic information stations, which ultimately created an early warning, detection, and information-gathering center for the Departments of the Air Force and Defense.

This project was very complex as it had to integrate multiple electronic and information gathering systems in a series of interiors that work directly with driving and positioning certain satellites in different orbits around the globe. All design, including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical, had to be of a redundant nature as the doctrine called for redundancy throughout the system. Interiors had to be
integrated with the concept of personal comfort for the flight crews in a continuous high stress environment. All designs had to also be able to be quickly dismantled for periodic maintenance and change-out of the complex electronic and communication packages.

The Mission Control Station (MCS) is a fully functional and integral part of the Defense System of the United States of America. For RTA, it represented a chance to be on the cutting edge of Information & Control Centers in the field of Satellite Technology.


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